CBA Church Network Mission Partnership in Hungary

Dear CBA Church Network and others:

Surely, all of us have had one of those life-impacting experiences that gives us new focus. I had one of those in 2016 when I was asked to lead a team from a CBA church on an evangelistic mission trip to Hungary.

While there, our host church made great plans to reach out to their friends, neighbors and others in their city. The response to our outreach was good and the churches in Hungary have done a great job of follow-up.

It is my prayer that many of our CBA churches will enlist a team to go with me/us. A team consists more or less of 4 to 8 people from one or more churches. Of course, a church can have more than one team. We would love to see our pastors as team leaders, though it is not a requirement.

I am praying that God will call at least 12 to 15 churches to partner together as living witnesses of the Gospel in Hungary. If more churches want to go, I believe the Hungarians can add to the number of their churches hosting a team. The spirit is moving in Hungary. You have probably heard about the awakening there.

You are invited to join me in responding to this wonderful “Macedonian call.” Click Here to find out more!

Vince Smith
Executive Director
CBA Church Network

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