By Vince Smith
Lead Mission Strategist

It seems almost every piece I write relates to the rapid changes we see in Collin County. Our population keeps growing at an incredible rate—80 people a day according to the Dallas Morning News. People are coming here from all over the planet. Vietnam, India, Iraq, New York, and California are just a few of the places. These people all bring their own worldview. How does that impact the church and how we communicate the Gospel? Two immediate issues come to mind.

First, is dilution. Imagine a pitcher of sweet Texas tea. Now pour in Tim Horton’s coffee from Canada, Italian cream soda from New York, a kale smoothie from San Francisco, and Chai from Mumbai. What do you have now? I’m not sure but I won’t drink it! And it certainly isn’t Texas tea anymore!

That’s what is happening to the worldview in Collin County as a whole. It is changing rapidly through dilution. Concepts like family, work, right and wrong, life, and friendship are no longer uniformly Texan and certainly not close to traditional Bible Belt views. Simply put—our area is becoming less Christian every day. The girls, boys, women, and men in our region are lost and getting “lost-er” every day. Collin County is now more Corinth than Jerusalem.

The second implication deals with how we communicate the Gospel. The Gospel itself never changes. The language we use to communicate it authentically and faithfully to a culture that decodes the word “family” in a sermon not as mom, dad, and children (Jerusalem worldview), but instead as mom, step-mom, baby daddy, half-siblings, etc. (Corinth worldview) impacts how churches preach, disciple, and evangelize. Layer in the change in how we communicate through social media and receive content through multiple screens it makes the Gospel environment very dynamic.

“It is … an interpretative framework … by which one makes sense … of life and the world.” — Norman Geisler

“A set of presuppositions or assumptions held consciously or unconsciously, consistently or inconsistently, about the basic make up of reality.” — James Sire

The CBA annual meeting is October 24th, REGISTER HERE. We’ll have a panel discussion with church pastors from different backgrounds and church sizes to discuss how the church engages these changes while staying faithful to the Gospel. I hope to see you there as we continue to connect, collaborate, and engage in the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a network of churches.

Ps. Encouraging one another in our Gospel work and Hutchins BBQ—don’t miss out!

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