CBA Church Network – Strategy

Our strategy is focused on helping churches connect, collaborate, and engage with one another as they help believers become living witnesses through prayer, caring, and sharing the Gospel in the places where people live, work, and play.

The strategy of CBA Church Network is expressed with map symbols because maps help us to know three very important things — where we are, where we have been, and where we are going. Locator pins are generally used to identify both starting and finishing points and are representative of specific goals and focus.

The first row of locator pins represents the individuals who make up the CBA Church Network, and express what it is to be a living witness. A living witness is a person who prays for others, cares for others, and who shares their faith in Jesus with other they know and meet.

The second row of pins represents the role of the CBA Church Network. Collectively, we are a network of Great Commission churches who connect, collaborate, and engage in the work of the Gospel in Collin County and beyond.

This happens when churches come together to exchange ideas, to work together for the good of the Gospel, and focus their energies on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. As the CBA Church Network, we focus our work around three different areas: facilitating the planting of new churches, strengthening existing churches, and community transformation.

The final row of pins expresses where we, collectively, do our work. The New Testament is clear that the rapid expansion of the Gospel was transmitted through three different channels: Households, the Marketplace, and through People Groups. These sections of the strategy are important because they remind us that the work of the Gospel is designed to primarily take place outside the wall of the church.