Wood putty is a useful thing to have in any workshop. It can fill holes, smooth wood grain, and be used on furniture or flooring. Often, it can be used to protect the wood, help provide stability and lend integrity to wood which has changed through age or use. In the same way, the CBA Church Network functions to strengthen, empower, motivate, educate, encourage, and minister to pastors and churches throughout Collin County and beyond. The CBA Church Network provides support to pastors, church staff, and the laity in myriads of ways.

Lunch and Learn workshops and round-table discussions address issues that directly impact local congregations. At one interesting L&L session, Elie Haddad of the Arab Baptist Seminary in Lebanon shared valuable insights regarding the advancing of the faith in the Middle East.

The CBA Church Network provides opportunities for Children & Family Ministry leaders to work and train together as they share information and trends directly impacting children’s ministries, including helps to prepare children and youth for the annual Bible Drill Tournament. The ministry “Block Party” trailer is available to checkout to provide food and games for church events. When Wylie was struck by a tornado last year, the CBA Church Network was there to help. Even today, CBA is helping facilitate volunteer teams from local churches and Texas Baptist Men in providing Hurricane Harvey disaster assistance to the Beaumont area.

In collaboration with other associations, the CBA Church Network has connected Collin with workshops that train leaders to reach out to Baby Boomers and Senior adults. CBA has sponsored tax seminars to help pastors and church staff members become wise stewards of their income and to “render unto Caesar” appropriately and the Association has promoted hands-on workshops that provide training for the folks who work the sound booths every Sunday

More than filling pulpits when pastors are called away (which is appreciated), CBA staffers organize and facilitate outreach efforts and prayer ministries such as Pray 4 Every Home and “The Battle Plan for Prayer.” The CBA Church Network is also involved with assisting, facilitating, and funding new church plants. In addition to sponsoring mission trips, CBA provides services to students at Collin College. The CBA Church Network also partners regularly with the North American Mission Board to provide seminars, training, and ministry assistance across the United States, such as a recent trip to help mission churches in Seattle.

Connecting beyond our “Baptist world”, the CBA Church Network connects with various social ministries, including ministry to refugees and immigrants. A workshop for pastors to learn more about immigration laws and how to help immigrants yet still comply with federal regulations was recently sponsored by the Association.

And, the CBA staff is available to help churches with other church functions, such as long-range planning, prayer seminars, and to promote ministry events. The CBA staff also provides wise counsel and a listening ear for ministers weary as they labor for the Master. That encouragement and supports, and ultimately sustains all Baptists in Collin County as the shepherds care for their flocks.

In short, the Collin Baptist Association is like putty—it fills in gaps whenever and wherever a church or pastor has a need, a mission, or a project and the blessing is multiplied manifold.

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